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Margrit talks about her book - Angel Pets - on You Tube

Margrit Coates has been featured in many TV programes, including as  an  expert in the Animal Planet TV series Animal Roadshow (image below).

Margrit Coates on TV

She was also featured in the Sky 1 programme Pet Nation with Liza Tarbuck and Huey Morgan in September 2010.

argrit has given numerous international radio  interviews, as well as articles in publications including The Daily Mail, Daily Express, New York Daily News, Chat - Its Fate, Fate and Fortune, Woman, Yours, Here's Health, Womans Weekly, Let's Talk, Your Dog, Bark ! Your Cat, Cat World, Your Horse, Horse and Rider, Horse, Horse and Pony, What's on Ireland BHS, Team News International, Organic Equine, Natural Horse Magazine, In Touch ( The Healing Trust ) , Surrey Monocle, The Healer, Journal of Holistic Health - British Holistic Medicine Association, Vision,  Pegasus ( Germany, ) The Bulletin ( Brussels ), Bravacasa ( Italy ),  Spirit and Destiny, Hull Daily Mail, Jersey Evening Post, Norwich Evening News, Salisbury Journal, Hampshire Chronicle and many more.... Recently Margrit also did an article in the Daily Express on how you can know what your dog is thinking.

Margrit and Chris Packham
Margrit and Chris Packham during the filming of BBC's "Inside Out"

Margrit Coates with Jacky Newcomb    Margrit Coates with Flossie

Margrit gives a talk with award winning author Jacky Newcomb, the angel lady, at the Isbourne Centre.

brian may

Margrit Coates discusses her work with Brian May, Queen guitarist and animal advocate.

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