Case Histories

I have included here a few true stories to help you understand a bit more how healing works with animals. Each animal is an individual so your pet may respond in a different way. That's the great thing about giving healing - it is a journey of exploration and you won't know how gifted you are at this natural therapy until you try it. If you are already an animal healer then you have joined the growing number of people around the world who are helping animals in this wonderful way.

Libby finds a new lease of life

Healing can be very beneficial for the older dog. Although it cannot reverse the aging process, healing can help improve the general sense of well being and strengthen the body so that these dogs are better able to cope on a day to day basis.


A classic case where healing has improved a dogs life is Libby. Libby is a liver and white Springer Spaniel aged 12 years who has bad arthritis and numerous lumps and bumps throughout her body. She also has a diagnosed tumour in the intestines.


A vet suggested that healing could help her energy levels and improve her life, and she was indeed at a very low ebb when we first met. Libby could not walk very well despite medication for her back and leg problems, and several times her back legs collapsed under her as she walked around the room. She looks in a really sorry state and was obviously not enjoying life. She'd had recent acupuncture for natural pain relief, and to help the inflammation and I hoped that the healing would also stimulate the efficiency of the acupuncture. The vet decided in fact that she would not give Libby any more acupuncture until we saw what effects the healing had on her.



Margrit Coates Animal Healer - healing a dogLibby, like many dogs, was very wary of what I was doing during the first healing treatment and I think she was expecting me to stick needles in her like the vet did! When I returned to see Libby again two weeks later her owner Annie said "I just can't believe the change in Libby. Come and look" I found a dog so improved that she was trotting up and down, without falling over and obviously much happier in herself. Two days after I had given Libby healing there were noticeable improvements and she 'was running around like a puppy'. Libby's mobility had increased and she was playing with her toys again. Annie liked to take Libby out for daily walks on the common and in recent times there had been days when she just couldn't go because Libby was so ailing. She told me that they were now going out daily and Libby was running. She was also able to climb the stairs again at home. The other dog walkers who Annie met on the Heathland knew Libby well and couldn't believe the changes in her. "Is that Libby?" one of them asked as the dog trotted along barking. Annie delights in telling everyone how her dog has improved with healing. The proof in the pudding is for those who knew Libby before the healing treatments to see the change in her after them.



She certainly looked very bright and alert on my second visit. Annie remarked to me "I know Libby is well now because she is naughty again these days. She is too frisky!" Libby had begun to take an interest in things around her again and she didn't have any more acupuncture for nearly three months until she fell and pulled a muscle in her back. She remains boisterous and full of beans - always alert and chatty when I see her and still keeps up with the other dogs on the daily walks. Annie is still thrilled that Libby continues to be naughty ~ a measure of her enjoyment of her life these days.

Margrit Coates healing a retriever       Margrit Coates Healing a Ginger Cat


Healing is a communication channel as well as re balancing physically, mentally and emotionally.

When Joe's marriage ended, and his wife took the family dog with her he was very lonely and so he went to the dog rescue centre to look for another best friend. Riffy, a Jack Russell terrier, was also feeling very lonely having been brought in because his owners had divorced, and neither felt able to give him a home. He sat in the corner of the yard looking very miserable and when Joe saw him his heart went out to the little bewildered dog.

Riffy and Joe got on like a house on fire and Joe took him out every day in his delivery van, so he was never left alone. Which was just as well, because Riffy went to pieces if he couldn't see Joe, shaking and crying , because he didn't want to be abandoned again. I was asked to give the dog healing so that he could try to find some inner peace and feel more secure.

A bit wary of me at first he soon sat on my lap and as the healing progressed he started to lean on me, then he fell fast asleep in my arms. Joe touched him gently as I connected to him with healing energy and communicated with him soul to soul and could feel tingling in his fingertips and a tightness across his chest. I explained that this was his heart chakra picking up Riffy's emotional pain. As I continued with the healing I asked Joe to send Riffy some loving thoughts and to communicate mentally with him that everything was now OK. Riffy sighed deeply and I knew he had heard us. Even after the healing session had finished he still slept soundly.

I heard from Joe a week later. Riffy was much calmer and less stressed at being left alone~ through the healing communication he had understood that Joe would never leave him and the healing had rebalanced him~ he had his inner peace now.

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