Animal Healing



Margrit Coates Healing Dogs 


Margrit Coates, World renowned Animal HealerWhat is Hands on Healing for Animals?
The benefits of healing for humans is well documented with hundreds of studies having been done into the benefits of healing and how it can work. Of course the sceptics may say that there is a placebo effect, but that flies right out of the window with animals. Hands on healing works very well. In many cases dramatically. There is no placebo effect with animals. They do not have a faith, are not aware that the therapist is a healer nor aware of the benefits healing can give. When healing is given to them they take it readily and are ready to move on if possible and gain wellbeing improvements.


Margrit Coates Animal HealingHow does it work?

Healing offers an energy blueprint and we can all do this, therefore it is something that you can practise with your own pets. Healing that you give aims to help the animal rebalance and take over the recovery process.


Hands on healing can help your pet on 3 levels, emotionally, mentally and physically, and to be healthy your pets, like us, need to be in balance on all of these levels. Healing can also be given as first aid too.




Margrit Coates animal communicator, rabbitsWhat conditions can it be used for?

Healing can help all conditions and any animal in need. It can also be used preventatively because the energy field will be out of balance before an illness or disease presents the symptoms.


And, as you can see in the picture left, it can be used with all sorts of animals!!










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